Stopping by to reacquaint myself with this newness

Submitted by Pruden17 on Tue, 05/01/2018 - 07:15

Things have changed since I was last in the neighborhood. Figured I'd best get my profile er-established, expecting to proffer advice once I get back to work refurbishing the old red fibreglass canoe and, as instructed by my wonderful partner, whose ordered me to build a wooden S&G canoe to replace Old Red, get started on the build. Greetings all, I'll be in for a while.

Robert N(ever too far away) Pruden

John VanBuren

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 06:12


         I have built two Lapstrake S&G canoes and I recommend the process. One was a kit from Eric S. at Shearwater Boats. Everything fit wonderfully.

The second was from offsets in a book by Chris K. 

That one was a Sassafras from Chesapeake Light Craft. It came out well. I would recommend either design. 

I would recommend using masking tape to limit fillet widths as it helps keep everything neater.

I hope this helps get you even more interested in building a canoe,




Robert, I too have been away quite a while but it's good to see familiar names.  Good luck replacing Red.



Myrl Tanton

Wed, 06/27/2018 - 23:01

Hey Robert!

I too came back to the forum.  I've started a build on a SoF (a Tom Yost Sea Pup), and started checking out the forum.

It is good to see some of the old names poking about, and new ones too of course.  but especially yours.



Etienne Muller

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 06:12

I know you like to batter your boats, ice breaking and so on, and ply can take a pounding, but have you considered strip? In some ways I think it is easier than multi-chine ply, which involves quite a lot of scarfing cutting and planing.  There may be more design options in strip too.


John, Frank, George, Myrl, Et...great to hear from you again, gentlemen, and it's nice to be back. I was given a S&G canoe kit by the past owner of Waters Dancing, Donnie Moore, ooooooh, some 12 years ago. I haven't built it yet and this is where I will start. I am definitely interested in trying other building styles after I get this build completed especially strippers...Lapstrake sounds interesting, John, please tell me more.  The canoe kit I have now will be modified to include a small removable mast and sail, a rudder, a retractable keel, camera holder, and cup holders front and back. I have a full plate though, gotta refinish Old Red before I can give it to Shannon's son and then refinish the VJ Guardian Spirit (her brass keel is loose, the bottom is scraped down to the wood, I want to make the camera holder removable with adjustable front/back movement, add a fishing rod holder, and she needs new paint (using auto paint/clear coat). 

I haven't done much kayaking during the last 5 years but I am making up for it this summer. Been heading out to local lakes a lot. My partner, Shannon, battled cancer recently, in fact, she is still off work after surgery, so I took time off from work to take care of her post-surgery. I have been either getting up at 0330h to go kayaking before sunrise or heading out to the lake after 9 pm when she settles in for the night. I am still doing lots of photography but no trip reporting stories. Been thinking now that my life is far more settled than it has for a decade, I might start writing again. Always something to think about, eh.

Hi Robert,

I am certain all on this board are hoping Shannon completely recovers from her illness.  I applaud you for being the kind of man you are in staying by her side and making her recovery your highest priority. 

When she feels better the new canoe will be good to take her out where she can relax while you paddle. 

Paddle on.

Kyle T