Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 performance

Submitted byjim onTue, 08/04/2020 - 15:57

I have had 30+ wooden kayaks over the past 20 years, most have been low volume Greenland type boats, but a few have been high speed racers and a few general use day boats. I recently saw some postings that categorized the Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 as a boat that a paddler would quickly grow out of. In my experience this is a boat that a beginner can certainly handle, but after many boats and many years of paddling, I still find this boat fun in all kinds of weather and fast enough to stay with most groups. What do you think.


Tue, 08/04/2020 - 16:14


I've only paddled an ArcticTern14 a few times - but I agree with your opinions on it.


The AT and the variants like the Ronan seem like excellent choices for day paddling fun boats.

I built two of these boats.  My daughter with thousands miles of paddling still uses one a lot.  A friend borrowed my other one several years ago and he and his family still use it all the time.