Gaps between strips

Submitted byaaronpotter onSun, 07/22/2018 - 18:09

I did the end pour in the bow of my Guillemot this afternoon.  It’s a sunny day and I noticed a lot of light inside the boat. Attached is a picture looking down into the bow from the fore hatch. Is this something to be concerned about?  I knew all along I had some gaps between strips, but this surprised me.   I have 4 oz cloth on the outside and 6 oz on the inside  Bow end pour

John VanBuren

Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:09

I went on a night paddle once and a gentleman had a strip built kayak that had some gaps between the strips and decided to highlight them by putting a flashlight inside his kayak.

I thought it looked cool!

Funny how what some think of as a grave error someone with a positive attitude can enjoy the same thing.

John VB

It seems that every build of mine has a few gaps in spite of taking care to avoid it. The gaps are never in the hull, always in the deck. They have never caused any trouble and I tell myself that the gaps are filled with epoxy so structural integrity is not compromised. 

My last build had more gaps than any boat I have done.  Maybe the fact that I see double and sideways now had something to do with it.  Actually I know it did several times I went with good enough just because it was so much harder.  The boat is as solid as any I have built.  If you pre-coat before you glass I do think the gaps get filled with epoxy pretty well.


When I apply the seal coat  I add some wood dust and colorant to match the strip color. This thickens the epoxy somewhat so it takes a little longer to spread but it seals the wood and fills all the little gaps in the strips. A light sanding after drying and it is ready for the glass coat. No gaps and the filler is invisible :)

george jung

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 23:16

Once that boat gets coated with epoxy, you're 'good to go'.  Don't sweat the light show.  Hope you didn't pour too much epoxy into the ends - Remember, ya gotta lift that thing!  I haven't done an end pour since my first build.