How to choose best kayak

Submitted bymrsraihan onSat, 06/29/2019 - 15:09

Hi , i want to buy sit on top kayak for fishing but cant'n choose which the best. Here some best sit on top kayak. Please anyone give me some tips to choose kayak.

Craps, nothing changes. That said, Shannon and I took the refurbished canoe on its first big lake run on Okanogan lake, BC, was a great trip...even found a possible fibula near an old wrecked van? at the bottom of a 40-ft cliff. Shanon loves her water bottle holder (red oak construct)...and I used one of the restored paddles. The big lake would make for an excellent 3-4 day kayak trip. 

> an old wrecked van at the bottom of a 40-ft cliff.

There is a motorbike at the bottom of a cliff near where we usually launch. Someone has stood it up though obviously it had been thrown over as rubbish.

As for "Best", that only refers to the supplier who pays the website owner BEST for promoting their product. They often have "how to do it" articles on the sites too. Usually / always(?) written by hikers, skiers or anyone who has never paddled a kayak.

If the word "best" is ever used it means this is rubbish. Even worse than the rusty motorbike at the bottom of a cliff.