Foot Brace + Seat

Submitted bybug_hunter onWed, 07/08/2020 - 22:23

Hey Guys,

Moving along with my Resolute build.  Working from KayakCraft (no kit).  Used redwood, poplar and walnut.  Done stripping, and getting ready to put the glass on the deck, and thinking ahead to the interior.  Given that this is my first kayak, I can use some help in fitting it out.  I am looking for a reasonably priced, and comfortable seat, and some foot braces.  Any suggestions and recommendations would be apprecaited.




Wed, 07/08/2020 - 23:37


It's possible to make your seat 'from scratch' ( a foam block) or to copy a seat you like, but that's probably more work than you are looking for right now.

The Joe Greeley (Redfish) carved foam seats are popular - a few of my friends have replaced the factory seats with those, and also bought Redfish seats for their Pygmy kit builds.

The 'Happy Bottom' foam seat is another possibility.

IMO, the best backbands are made by Immersion Research - the ratchet adjustment is very handy. Early models were prone to corrosion around salt water, but I think that problem has been solved. (??)


I think the SeaLect footpegs are the best that are commonly available - they lock in position.

I'm assuming you have decided not to position the bulkhead to use as the footrest? That's my preference in a non-rudder boat.

John VanBuren

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 06:23

I have seen that some folks use foam blocks that space out from a bulkhead. Spend some time in the archives here to locate them. I think ET uses that system.

Keep smilin',

John VB


Thu, 07/09/2020 - 06:53

Your comfort is unique to you. Once you basically set the boat up, I guarantee there will be changes because you will learn about yourself in the boat. I like adjustable foot braces because I  like to stretch my legs once in a while off the pegs. Also address thigh braces. For a new paddler, it doesn't enter into the thinking but once you paddle a bit and use a boat with great thigh bracing, your control is enormous. If you have friends or a store where you can sit in a few boats, there's no better way to see what feels good to you. I made a great backband and it only took me about 60 hours and hunting for the right buckles, straps etc.  Just buy one. Same with the seat. I made a mold and made glass ones that fit me like a glove but a lot of work. But I made a lot of kayaks so it was worth it. The seat too is important that YOU are comfortable for longer periods. You body also toughens up by paddling and what bothers you on your first trip, often just goes away. Now you know exactly what to do.  Ha ha - we all go through this.

Scott Innes

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 06:46

Hey Greg:

I'd second the Happy Bottom seat recommendation by John. I've used Joe Greenley seats in a couple boats and they are great, but in my most recent build went the happy bottom. I cut off the thigh pads and built these into boat, and built a back rest similar to what you'll see in Nick's Petrel book (though with a mini-cell layer).

For foot rails, I've always preferred the aluminum rails. CLC also has nice mounting brackets that avoid having bolts thru the hull that I've used on last couple builds and have been very happy with. You may see some folks use a piece of hardwood on hull to mount rails, but I've found that to take up too much space.