Key electric tools for building Skin-on-Frame kayaks ?

Submitted byMayeric onTue, 11/16/2021 - 05:07


I specifically registered to this forum because I plan to build a skin-on-frame kayak(s)... my motivation is for very light-weight kayaks for me and possibly my kids, the handwork, and possible other experiments with this building system for light structures.

I am looking for an active community on this "marginal" subject: there seem to be some posts on this forum, but feel free to point me also towards other ressources...  ;-)

I have not yet settled for a model/plan, but I would like to start gathering the necessary tools for building the structure. I intend to create my  "workshop" gradually and modestly (economic constrains), starting with the most important/usefull electric tools to build the structure (I am not a "traditionnalist"  and do not intend to use only a knife and a bow-drill like the Inuits did! :-) ).

I am quite a handyman, but don't have specific woodworking experience, and thus I am hoping to get advices on what electric tool(s)  would be the most helpful for this work on the frame part, which seems mostly to cut and put to the right dimensions longerons and bending ribs... I already have a basic handheld electric saw, but I am lost about what would be the most useful next : circular saw ? circular saw with plunging action ? table saw ? hadheld planner ? stationnary planner ? stationnary straitener/planner ? handheld plunger ? Other ?

Usefulness vs. cost is also obviously a driver here, and if some equipement is only used at very specific points of the building, they can possibly be borrowed/rented if necessary. 

I am interested in any feedback on what you think should be the priority tool(s) to buy, and the content of a "minimal" workshop for such projet...

Thanks in advance for your help/advice !