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Submitted bytriad onTue, 07/31/2018 - 12:48

Hello everyone

Since the demise of the old bulletin board it looks as though the list of member profiles has disappeared. Probably a privacy thing but it was interesting to read about the different locations that the members were from. I am currently visiting Vancouver Island from Ontario and if I recall there was a builder located here. Could someone tell his name because I would love to see if he has time for a tour of his workshop or just to chat. Also I have been a member for over 5 years but could not log on so I created a new profile. Is that normal because of the new format?


Wed, 08/01/2018 - 01:08


There are a few hobby builders here on Vancouver Island, but they don't all communicate here.

Also, this forum doesn't have a PM (messaging) function- makes communicating difficult.

I'm in Victoria - not much to show in my 'workshop' but I'm always happy to 'talk kayak'.

I'm on the WestCoastPaddler forum (using my real name, as here). You can link up to me there using the 'Conversation' (aka private messaging) feature.

Or post an email address here (it will be public) and I'll drop you an email.