Skin on frame: doubts about the fabric and lashing line

Submitted byPfolha onTue, 08/28/2018 - 21:07

Hello everybody,

I'm Brazilian and only found info to build a SOF in English and Spanish, I am facing difficulties in finding the recommended material, sometimes because no one sells locally, other times because I am lost in translation. So I have two questions:

  1. I only found ballistic nylon pre-coated with PVC, PU or Acrylic resin, which one should I choose? 
  2. What is "artificial sinew"? Is it a nylon line?

Thanks in advance, 


Artificial sinew is a waxed nylon string. Often it has no twist. It is sold here to leather workers for sewing together leather parts.

The fabric people here use for SOF is usually has no coating. It is often sold as a filter material for industrial water filters. Coated material is harder to use because the coating bonds the threads together and does not let them shift. You need the weave to shift so that the fabric can conform to the shape.

Nylon is the probably the strongest option, but it is harder to get tight because it does not shrink easily. You need to apply the cloth when it is wet, sew it on tightly, then allow it to shrink as it dries. When it gets wet, it may get loose again.

Polyester is not as strong, but some will shrink with heat. So you can install it with a little slack in it and use heat to make it tight. Not all polyester will do this because some is heat treated during manufacturing to get a tighter weave.