Breakaway Forms Question

Submitted byBailey onFri, 08/03/2018 - 20:28

Hello all,


I am building the Guillemot based on the lofting chart provided in The Strip-Built Sea Kayak. I've drawn the forms out and cut them according to the numbers given.

My question is about the breakaway forms (the ones that will be in the cockpit area). The way the book describes it, those forms (Forms 8-10) are flat across the top. Later in the book, Nick talks about using breakaway forms to provide a way for future clearance for the cockpit recess. My question is: Do I need to trim the part to break away off the flat top of those forms? In other words should I cut parallel to the already established flat top of the form? Or continue to fair around naturally and use the flat top as the break point for the breakaway form?

I am not doing a great job explaining, so let me use the numbers. Form 9 lists a cockpit recess with a height of 5.22 at an offset of 8.32. The 8 inch deck buttock also lists 5.22, so I am drawing horizontally back to the centerline to create the form. Should I be making my breakaway line at a lower height than 5.22? or is 5.22 my breakaway line and I should continue a smooth curve above 5.22 to add to the form as listed?

Thanks for any advice!! I am glad to be part of this forum and learning from the best!


My first build was a Guillemot L. When I made the breakway form I made a horizontal saw cut about 2"-3" down from the top of the form then cut a strip of wood the same thickness as my saw blade. Put 3-4 drops of hot glue on the filler strip and top of the form I had cut off and glued them back on the original form. When time to remove the breakway a sharp hammer blow did the trick. I don't think the exact size of the breakway is important other than give yourself room to work on the cockpit / cowling


Thanks Randy! I appreciate it a lot. 2 or 3 inches down from the top of my already flat form would put me into the strongback hole, so I may just go an inch down or so. Either way I think you're right that as long as I have enough clearance to get the cockpit/cowling in place it should work just fine. I plan on using the hot glue method as well! Thanks again for writing!