How to design drip covering for inflatable kayak?

Submitted byKayak042 onTue, 09/04/2018 - 15:02


I can use some help.

I have a Sea Eagle 385FT inflatable kayak. I want to make some type of covering to cover the portion of the kayak in front of me above my legs when I paddle so that my legs will stay dry. I don't care about this in the summer - dripping water off the paddles keeps me cool - but I want to be on the water in the fall when the water temp is colder and I want to stay as dry and warm as possible at that time.

Please see enclosed picture. There are 4 D rings to which I can attach a covering. The dotted green lines is my idea of where the covering will be located. The width is approx. 32".

Any ideas?Kayak covering design


Tue, 09/04/2018 - 16:31

If you can operate a sewing machine you could make something quite easily, with fabric, shock cord and a few hooks...perhaps including a plastic 'bow' to keep it from sagging (fabric sprayskirts often have those).

A couple of thoughts;

-I find that most of the 'drips' coming off the paddle blades, etc land in my lap, not so much on my legs.

-What do you wear when paddling in cooler weather? Dry suit, dry pants, neoprene ?