Kevlar Eddyline Falcon 16

Submitted bymjac onThu, 11/01/2018 - 07:02

Don't know if these Forums are strictly for Building Kayaks, but is anyone familiar with the Kevlar Eddyline Falcon? I have found one for $800 and was wondering what ya'll think. Would like to build a Wooden Kayak just out of its appearance. But realistically, how do they compare in performance to modern materials?

If you want feed back give a little more information about what kind of water you plan to paddle in (sheltered water, open ocean, river..,, what you plan to do with it (trip, surf, fish, casual day paddling..,) and your physical size.  Wood glass composite is stiff, relatively light, and can be shaped very nicely.  It would not be my first choice for paddling in rock gardens, it does compare very well to "modern materials".