Does the moderator moderate?

Submitted by Mac50L on Fri, 09/06/2019 - 00:07

Does the moderator ever remove posts or posters?

Take a couple of recent ones, trout moving and inflatable kayaks.

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mrsraihan is obviously blind to the words "Kayak Building" and is selling inflatables and SOT kayaks. Selling. She is blind to the word WOOD and keeps going on about plastic. Jim doesn't even mention kayaks.

Raihan has no idea what a wooden kayak is like as far as weight and strength go. Totally ignorant by the comments she makes.

And to keep on the kayak building subject I'd better put in "wooden self built kayaks can be the lightest and toughest there are".


Fri, 09/06/2019 - 11:15

I suppose if we were working on more building projects and posting more info here, we would 'swamp' the spam, and make it less prominent.

I commented on this some months ago; perhaps there's just not much building going on, or everything about kayak building has already been said, and more than once? :)

The forum here has been a great service to many in past years, and I'm grateful to Nick for that.

I'm also sad to see another part of 'what we thought the internet was going to be' fade away.

Etienne Muller

Sun, 09/08/2019 - 04:49

I would think there are more kayak and canoe building projects on the go than ever before. The professionals who are selling the plans would know. They are all, sharing all over Facebook. There is just no getting away from it. The same old questions are asked every day on FB. there are new builders starting all the time. Because there is no decent way of database mining on FB, the most basic of queries are continually being asked, and I, for one, couldn't be bothered answering them any more, or searching for links that may help. Sometimes one sees the blind leading the blind on FB, because those who have the answers are fed up with having to repeat themselves every time because the database is not available for all the previous questions. If someone is going to sand their wetout coat, and between every fill coat I just don't care any more.

The only way I can see this, and similar forums, continuing, is if people share their projects' progress. Photos, and observations. I would ne sharing mine, as I usually do, except it is not a kayak or canoe this time.

Maybe the answer is not to answer Facebook questions but redirect the queries to a building discussion group? Maybe something like this discussion group? OK, maybe that's what this one is for - builders.

Personally I'm not Facebook registered and I've come across a number of Facebook users recently who have been hi-jacked, or their names have, showing that Facebook security is nil.

My original query was about retailers using the forum for sales pitches, and worse, knowing little about their product and whether they should be deleted. Maybe sentence them to 100 hours hard labour and build a few kayaks?

May I please be sentenced to 500 hrs of kayak building. My name is Robert and I've been a negligent builder. Fact is, I have all my major projects completed for the year and I'll be back at working on the VJ later this week. I managed to build my magnetic hatch covers with good success, haven't waterproofed them yet but I'll git it done soon.