Njord project free to good home

Submitted byMichael Lynskey onWed, 05/01/2019 - 12:44

I don’t know how much interest there is in adopting others’ unfinished projects, but I have a half-finished strip-built  Njord kayak that has been hanging around (literally - at my in-laws’ house) for more than five years, and I need to do something with it.  Life and living circumstances don’t allow me to finish it, so if anyone else is interested in doing so - it’s yours!  

The hull/deck is complete but not yet joined (is taped together for the picture).  It still needs work on the coaming, bulkheads, hatch covers, and all that fun stuff.  It is very light (less than 30 lbs so far).  I have quite a bit of left over materials I can also throw in.

It is located in Woodbridge, VA (DC suburbs - right off I-95), so may be on the way if you’re traveling to OkoumeFest.  I would love to see someone finish this thing!


Is it still available? If so, I'd be very happy to give it a fine NJ home and finish the project, as such a fine boat certainly deserves. Building a roller has been in my wish list for quite a while.  It would be joining my Yost SeaTour 16, the Gentry Chuckanut 12 im building for my wife, and our beloved dreadnaught, a Klepper Aerius II with a full sailing rig, not to mention an 11' LL Tryon and a couple of inflatable IK95s (fit in the trunk, fun in puddles...)

PM me, if you prefer.


Dave K