Carlson Hull Design Software

Submitted bygtevault onThu, 09/27/2018 - 10:28

I've been trying to make sense of Hulls 1.91 but have totally failed. I can't find a manual so I'm using the "Alternative Tutorial" which mentions an offset table but I can't bring it up; I get an explanation of the X, Y, and Z coordinates instead. I would also like to print cross sections but can't find a way to print. Does Hulls zoom in and out? Pan?
These are only a few of my questions! Can someone help me out here?

Odd that someone who can't write English should advertise an essay writing service. He probably cuts plywood with chopsticks too. Or uses curry to make the epoxy set?

Other than that, has any sense been made of Hulls? It is decades since I last looked at it.

mick allen

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 03:52

Out of curiosity I also downloaded 1.91 to see if it even worked. The following will be of limited help:

Most of it seems correct, but with some time fooling around - the offset display doesn't display at all and the nesting doesn't seem to display any panels. The manual 'HULLS.pdf' was part of the zip file and 'Hulls Format.txt' [part of the zipfile also] is an additional useful preliminary read. 3d view can be twirled horiz and vert by the arrow keys. Zooming in and out is in the manual [click and drag right mousekey], and printing is the save tab [hpgl file]. yout know: rtfm!

But if you, like me, cannot get the panel output or the offset display to work it might be a minor thing IF you can get the dxf output to work - I didn't check. Then output that into acad-like software [say draftsight] and print from there which WILL work and you can control the layout as well.

Look around at some of the web videos or elsewhere on the web a little bit more and then if no love, possibly move to another free package. Or maybe someone else can comment further.