starting deck - questions

Submitted byNHrob onThu, 05/28/2020 - 19:52

Well, I finished the hull on a Spring Run build.  Now I am ready to start the deck.  I am going to be doing the sheer strips soon but, I can't seem to visualize how best to join the sheer strips at the tips of the stern and the bow??   It's the first few strips.  After that I can figure it out.

Any pics of the first few sheer strips of the deck?  Would like to see it at the tip of the bow and/or stern.




I built a Spring Run in 2013-2015. Can’t say this is the best way to do the bow or stern but I ran a detail strip down the center and worked from the shear inwards. Didn’t take good pictures of the tips during the build, but just took some hanging in the garage. Hope I understood your question.

Finished ends


Stern finished

During the build.

Build deck.