Too cool table saw tool

Submitted byScott E. Toner onWed, 04/25/2018 - 10:50

I have long been a subscriber to his YouTube channel, but if you’ve not been there I encourage you to take a peak at this genius level artist .  Not knowing how to forward the link to this forum in such a way as he gets credit for the “share,” I’ll simply provide two episode titles for you to type in directly:

1) Mirock Vacuum Pusher 1

and this gets improved on with

2)  Mirock Vacuum Pusher 2

In the second, there’s also a neat fence setup at about 2:40 into it.

If yo are someone who might occasionally fall down the rabbit hole of binge-watching a tool making channel -beware      He also makes and sells some exquisite scales, triangles, etc.

I wonder where I’d get in skill level is I spend as much time building as I do watching?



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Scott E. Toner

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 14:50

Thanks!  Also wanted to be sure this technique gets the YouTube Credit to the contributor in the same way as goin in thru the ap - not like what happens to them with FB.  

Oh - and the “... take a peak [sic] at this genius...” in my original post wasn’t even attributable to spell check (which hates me anyway).