Can’t figure out what brand and model this kayak is

Submitted bybam77 onFri, 07/19/2019 - 01:26

I just got this kayak for $25 but I can not figure out what brand and model it is. The owner did not know so hopefully someone in here may be of some help.????

Great find. Looks to me like an older Perception or knock-off. Whats the length?  For a $$ perspective, on FB Marketplace most tandems go for $3-500. A bargain if it floats, a planter if it dont. Go to for a great selection of Chinese padded seats, paddles, downwind sails and who knows what else. All pretty cheap, but shipping is ssssllllooowwww!

I see tons of great boats and Walmart level boats at our local lake...and every single person s having a great time on the water, no matter what they're in. You'll have lots of fun with it!