Photos from the 2002 Newfound Rendezvous

Rob Macks demonstrating staple free stripping on a Wee Robbie (47,295 bytes) Keith Attenborough setting up his Greenland Paddle display (43,255 bytes) Ray (Biff) Wisner of Paddle Fancy demonstrating inlay techniques (56,171 bytes) One of Biffs inlayed paddles (37,739 bytes) An antique canoe Biff is restoring (53,671 bytes)
Michael Vermouth (on right facing away) setting up a strip-stitch hybrid demonstration (58,738 bytes) The early boats start to show up (54,841 bytes) And more soon follow. (53,658 bytes) Fancy sheer decoration on a pair of Panaches. (56,353 bytes) The island on the left is where the camping was. (53,483 bytes)
A nice variety of boats (52,966 bytes) testing boats (47,258 bytes) The flotilla heading out on the dawn paddle (31,102 bytes) The flotilla (46,158 bytes) Early morning sun over Bridgewater Hill. (27,428 bytes)
Swapping photographs (55,341 bytes) The flotilla spreads out. (24,563 bytes) 110-1069_IMG.jpg (56,652 bytes) Hans Friedel over from Sweden paddles an his Explorer design built by Newfound Woodworks. (63,211 bytes) Coming back around the point (20,477 bytes)
A selection of kayaks (44,556 bytes) Keith talking about building Greenland style paddles. (74,460 bytes) Kent paddling his new SOF for the first time. (18,838 bytes) A better shot of Kent. (44,032 bytes) Row boats, baidarkas, sailing canoes, and geodesic boats all made an appearance. (28,951 bytes)
Pam Booker's Caspian Sea built from knotty white cedar. (39,504 bytes) Detail of Pam's coaming (39,305 bytes) A couple Merganzers (53,569 bytes) Ralph Caverly's eagle. (40,645 bytes) Peter Hunt's steam launch inspired double paddle canoe. (53,818 bytes)
Someone counted 107 boats at one point (55,322 bytes) Looking the other way down the beach (47,794 bytes)   The beautiful weather helped fill up the beach. (53,486 bytes) A Great Auk Double by John Welch? (53,995 bytes)

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